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Creating apps for GitHub Marketplace

You can list free and paid tools for developers to use in GitHub Marketplace.

Requirements for listing an app

Apps on GitHub Marketplace must meet the requirements outlined on this page before the listing can be published.

Security best practices for apps on GitHub Marketplace

Guidelines for preparing a secure app to share on GitHub Marketplace.

Customer experience best practices for apps

Guidelines for creating an app that will be easy to use and understand.

Viewing metrics for your listing

The GitHub Marketplace Insights page displays metrics for your GitHub App. You can use the metrics to track your GitHub App's performance and make more informed decisions about pricing, plans, free trials, and how to visualize the effects of marketing campaigns.

Viewing transactions for your listing

The GitHub Marketplace transactions page allows you to download and view all transactions for your GitHub Marketplace listing. You can view transactions for the past day (24 hours), week, month, or for the entire duration of time that your GitHub App has been listed.