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您可以选择成员是否可以在组织中创建仓库。 If you allow members to create repositories, you can choose which types of repositories members can create. To allow members to create private repositories only, your organization must use GitHub Enterprise Cloud..


Enterprise owners can restrict the options you have available for your organization's repository creation policy. For more information, see "Restricting repository creation in your enterprise."

警告:此设置仅限制在仓库创建时可用的可见性选项,而不会限制以后更改仓库可见性的能力。 For more information about restricting changes to existing repositories' visibilities, see "Restricting repository visibility changes in your organization."

  1. In the top right corner of, click your profile photo, then click Your organizations. 个人资料菜单中的组织
  2. 在组织旁边,单击 Settings(设置)设置按钮
  3. 在左侧边栏中,单击 Member privileges(成员权限)组织设置中的成员权限选项
  4. Under "Repository creation", select one or more options. 仓库创建选项
  5. 单击 Save(保存)