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This version of GitHub Enterprise Server was discontinued on 2024-01-04. No patch releases will be made, even for critical security issues. For better performance, improved security, and new features, upgrade to the latest version of GitHub Enterprise Server. For help with the upgrade, contact GitHub Enterprise support.

Using built-in authentication

If you don't use a centralized, external system for your users' identity, you can use built-in authentication to allow GitHub Enterprise Server to manage accounts and perform local authentication.

Configuring built-in authentication

When you use the default authentication method, all authentication details are stored on your GitHub Enterprise Server instance.

Inviting people to use your instance

When you use built-in authentication for GitHub Enterprise Server, you can invite people by email address to create a user account on your instance.

Disabling unauthenticated sign-ups

If you're using built-in authentication for your GitHub Enterprise Server instance, you can block unauthenticated people from creating new user accounts on your instance.