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关于适用于企业的 GitHub

企业可以使用 GitHub 的企业产品来改善其整个软件开发生命周期。

About GitHub for enterprises

GitHub is a complete developer platform to build, scale, and deliver secure software. Businesses use our suite of products to support the entire software development lifecycle, increasing development velocity and improving code quality.

Developers can store and version control your source code in repositories, using issues and projects to plan and track their work. They can code in a cloud-hosted development environment, GitHub Codespaces, then review each other's code changes with pull requests, using code security features to keep secrets and vulnerabilities out of your codebase. Finally, you can automate your build, test, and deployment pipeline with GitHub Actions and host software packages with GitHub Packages.

When businesses adopt GitHub Enterprise, their return on investment (ROI) is high. For example, their developers save 45 minutes per day, and onboarding and training time is reduced by 40%. For more information, see The Total Economic Impact of GitHub Enterprise.

To simplify administration for all the stages in the software development lifecycle, we provide a single point of visibility and management called an enterprise account. Enterprise accounts enable you to manage billing and settings, enforce policy, and audit the people with access to your enterprise's resources. For more information, see "About enterprise accounts."

Optionally, you can add extra code security features with GitHub Advanced Security, and enhanced support options with GitHub Premium Support. For more information, see "About GitHub Advanced Security" and "About GitHub Premium Support."

For a full list of features available with GitHub Enterprise, see "GitHub’s products" and GitHub Pricing.

About deployment options

When you purchase GitHub Enterprise, you get access to both GitHub Enterprise Cloud and GitHub Enterprise Server. GitHub Enterprise Cloud is a set of advanced functionality on, while GitHub Enterprise Server is self-hosted platform. For more information, see "About GitHub Enterprise Cloud" in the GitHub Enterprise Cloud documentation and "About GitHub Enterprise Server."

For GitHub Enterprise Cloud, you can allow developers to create and manage their own personal accounts, or you can use Enterprise Managed Users, which enables you to create and manage the user accounts for your developers. For more information, see "About authentication for your enterprise."

You can benefit from the power of even while using GitHub Enterprise Server by enabling GitHub Connect, which allows you to configure additional features and workflows such as Dependabot alerts for insecure dependencies. For more information, see "About GitHub Connect."

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