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This version of GitHub Enterprise Server was discontinued on 2024-01-04. No patch releases will be made, even for critical security issues. For better performance, improved security, and new features, upgrade to the latest version of GitHub Enterprise Server. For help with the upgrade, contact GitHub Enterprise support.

collectd metrics for GitHub Enterprise Server

You can review the metrics that collectd gathers for your GitHub Enterprise Server instance.

About collectd metrics

By default, collectd on your GitHub Enterprise Server instance gathers metrics related to the instance's performance. For more information, see "Configuring collectd for your instance."

You can learn more about the type of data that collectd gathers, and you can download a CSV file that contains a full list of metrics.

Metrics gathered by collectd plugins

Plugins provide metrics to collectd. You can learn about each plugin available on your GitHub Enterprise Server instance, and you can review documentation about the plugin. To review a full list of metrics for a GitHub Enterprise Server instance, see the CSV file with collectd metrics.

PluginMetrics gatheredMore information
cpuAmount of time spent by the instance's CPU in various states: for example, execution of user code, execution of system code, waiting for I/O operations, and remaining idlePlugin:CPU in the collectd wiki
curl_jsonOn an instance in a high-availability, repository caching, or cluster configuration, data related to repository replicationPlugin:cURL-JSON in the collectd wiki
dfUsage information about the instance's file systemPlugin:DF in the collectd wiki
diskPerformance statistics for the instance's hard disks and other block devicesPlugin:Disk in the collectd wiki
elasticsearchStatistics for Elasticsearch, which provides the instance's search functionalityphobos182/collectd-elasticsearch repository on
fhcountTotal, used, and unused file handles for the instance's Linux OSManpage collectd.conf(5) in the collectd wiki
haproxyFront-end connections to the instance from HAProxy's management socketmleinart/collectd-haproxy repository on
listenerActive and queued connections to the instance's github-unicorn, github-gitauth, and github-ernicorn servicesN/A
loadSystem load averagePlugin:Load in the collectd wiki
memcachedNumber of connections and requests handled by the instance's memcached daemon, as well as CPU resources consumed, number of items cached, number of threads, and bytes sent and receivedPlugin:memcached in the collectd wiki
memoryInstance's memory usagePlugin:Memory in the collectd wiki
minioOn an instance that uses MinIO blob storage for GitHub Actions or GitHub Packages, statistics for objects and buckets in the connected MinIO cluster from MinIO's /metrics endpointminio/minio repository on
mysqlStatistics related to instance's MySQL database serverPlugin:MySQL in the collectd wiki
netlinkStatistics related to instance's network interfacePlugin:Netlink in the collectd wiki
nginxStatistics related to the instance's Nginx HTTP serverPlugin:nginx in the collectd wiki
nomadStatistics related to the instance's scheduler and orchestrator, NomadN/A
processesThe number of processes and threads on the instancePlugin:Processes in the collectd wiki
protocolsThe number of TCP, UDP, and other IP packets received and sent by the instancePlugin:Protocols in the collectd wiki
redisStatistics related to the instance's key-value store in RedisPlugin:Redis in the collectd wiki
statsdStatistics sent to collectd using the StatsD protocol, including from a variety of features and services on the instancePlugin:StatsD in the collectd wiki
tcpconnsThe number of the instance's TCP connections in various statesPlugin:TCPConns in the collectd wiki
vmemStatistics related to the virtual memory subsystem for the instance's Linux OS kernelPlugin:vmem in the collectd wiki