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This version of GitHub Enterprise Server was discontinued on 2024-01-04. No patch releases will be made, even for critical security issues. For better performance, improved security, and new features, upgrade to the latest version of GitHub Enterprise Server. For help with the upgrade, contact GitHub Enterprise support.

GitHub Enterprise Server releases

GitHub releases new versions of GitHub Enterprise Server regularly. You can review supported versions, see deprecation dates, and browse documentation for the release you've deployed.

About releases of GitHub Enterprise Server

GitHub Enterprise Server is constantly improving, with new functionality and bug fixes introduced through feature and patch releases. GitHub supports the four most recent feature releases. For more information, see "About upgrades to new releases."

You can see what's new for each release in the release notes, and you can view administrator and user documentation for all releases here on GitHub Docs. When you read the documentation, make sure to select the version that reflects your product. For more information, see "About versions of GitHub Docs."

Releases of GitHub Enterprise Server

GitHub provides documentation for both supported and deprecated versions of GitHub Enterprise Server, but does not maintain or update the documentation for deprecated versions.

For more information about the latest release, see the GitHub Enterprise website.

VersionReleaseDeprecationSupportedRelease notesDocumentation
3.112023-11-142024-12-053.11 release notes3.11 documentation
3.102023-08-082024-08-293.10 release notes3.10 documentation
3.92023-06-082024-06-293.9 release notes3.9 documentation
3.82023-02-072024-03-073.8 release notes3.8 documentation
3.72022-10-252024-01-043.7 release notes3.7 documentation
3.62022-07-262023-09-253.6 release notes3.6 documentation
3.52022-05-102023-06-293.5 release notes3.5 documentation
3.42022-02-152023-03-233.4 release notes3.4 documentation
3.32021-11-092023-01-183.3 release notes3.3 documentation
3.22021-09-092022-10-123.2 release notes3.2 documentation
3.12021-05-062022-06-303.1 release notes3.1 documentation
3.02021-01-122022-02-163.0 release notes3.0 documentation
2.222020-08-262021-09-232.22 release notes2.22 documentation
2.212020-05-122021-06-092.21 release notes2.21 documentation
2.202020-01-142021-03-022.20 release notes2.20 documentation
2.192019-10-152020-11-122.19 release notes2.19 documentation
2.182019-07-232020-08-202.18 release notes2.18 documentation
2.172019-04-252020-05-232.17 release notes2.17 documentation
2.162018-12-252020-01-222.16 release notes2.16 documentation
2.152018-09-182019-10-162.15 release notes2.15 documentation
2.142018-06-142019-07-122.14 release notes2.14 documentation
2.132018-02-272019-03-272.13 release notes2.13 documentation
2.122017-11-142018-12-122.12 release notes2.12 documentation
2.112017-08-162018-09-132.11 release notes2.11 documentation
2.102017-05-082018-06-052.10 release notes2.10 documentation
2.92017-02-012018-03-012.9 release notes2.9 documentation
2.82016-10-122017-11-092.8 release notes2.8 documentation
2.72016-07-062017-08-032.7 release notes2.7 documentation
2.62016-03-292017-04-262.6 release notes2.6 documentation
2.52016-01-122017-03-142.5 release notes2.5 documentation
2.42015-09-152017-02-092.4 release notes2.4 documentation
2.32015-07-062016-11-012.3 release notes2.3 documentation
2.22015-04-012016-08-032.2 release notes2.2 documentation
2.12014-12-232016-04-262.1 release notes2.1 documentation
2.02014-10-142016-02-092.0 release notes2.0 documentation
11.10.34011.10.340 release notes11.10.340 documentation

Deprecated developer documentation

GitHub hosted developer documentation for GitHub Enterprise Server on a separate site until the 2.17 release. GitHub continues to provide developer documentation for version 2.16 and earlier, but does not maintain or update the documentation.

VersionReleaseDeprecationDeveloper documentation
2.162018-12-252020-01-222.16 developer documentation
2.152018-09-182019-10-162.15 developer documentation
2.142018-06-142019-07-122.14 developer documentation
2.132018-02-272019-03-272.13 developer documentation
2.122017-11-142018-12-122.12 developer documentation
2.112017-08-162018-09-132.11 developer documentation
2.102017-05-082018-06-052.10 developer documentation
2.92017-02-012018-03-012.9 developer documentation
2.82016-10-122017-11-092.8 developer documentation
2.72016-07-062017-08-032.7 developer documentation
2.62016-03-292017-04-262.6 developer documentation
2.52016-01-122017-03-142.5 developer documentation
2.42015-09-152017-02-092.4 developer documentation
2.32015-07-062016-11-012.3 developer documentation
2.22015-04-012016-08-032.2 developer documentation
2.12014-12-232016-04-262.1 developer documentation
2.02014-10-142016-02-092.0 developer documentation
11.10.34011.10.340 developer documentation