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ドキュメントには� �繁に更新が� えられ、その都度公開されています。本ページの翻訳はま� 未完成な部分があることをご了承く� さい。最新の情� �については、英語のドキュメンテーションをご参照く� さい。本ページの翻訳に問題がある� �合はこちらまでご連絡く� さい。

このバージョンの GitHub Enterprise はこの日付をもって終了となりました: 2022-06-03. 重大なセキュリティの問題に対してであっても、パッチリリースは作成されません。 パフォーマンスの向上、セキュリティの改善、新機能のためには、最新バージョンのGitHub Enterpriseにアップグレードしてく� さい。 アップグレードに関する支援については、GitHub Enterprise supportに連絡してく� さい。

About GitHub Support

You can contact GitHub Support for help troubleshooting issues you encounter while using GitHub.

About GitHub Support

The support options available to GitHub users depend on the products used by their personal accounts, any organizations or enterprises they are members of, and any GitHub Enterprise Server instances they manage. Each product includes a default level of support and accounts that use GitHub Enterprise can purchase GitHub Premium Support.

GitHub Community SupportStandard supportPremium support
GitHub Free
GitHub Pro
GitHub Team
GitHub Enterprise CloudAvailable to purchase
GitHub Enterprise ServerAvailable to purchase

You can contact GitHub Enterprise Support through the GitHub Support ページ for help with:

  • Installing and using GitHub Enterprise Server
  • Identifying and verifying the causes of suspected errors
  • Installing and using Advanced Security

In addition to all of the benefits of GitHub Enterprise Support, GitHub Enterprise customers can purchase GitHub Premium Support, which offers:

  • GitHub Enterprise サポートページを通じた文面 (英語) での 24 時間 365 日のサポート
  • Phone support via callback request, in English, through our support portal 24 hours per day, 7 days per week
  • 初回応答時間が保証されるサービスレベルアグリーメント (SLA)
  • Escalation management
    • The ability to escalate ticket progression in the GitHub Support ページ
    • A dedicated team of Incident Coordinators who orchestrate all necessary GitHub parties to resolve urgent tickets
  • プレミア� コンテンツへのアクセス
  • Health Checks
  • Application upgrade assistance: Before you upgrade GitHub Enterprise Server, we review your upgrade plans, playbooks, and other documentation and answer questions specific to your environment (Premium Plus plan / GitHub Engineering Direct only)
  • Cloud planning: Customer Success Managers and Customer Success Architects help you plan your journey to the cloud (Premium Plus plan / GitHub Engineering Direct only)
  • Technical advisory hours (Premium Plus plan / GitHub Engineering Direct only)

For more information, see "About GitHub Premium Support."

With GitHub Enterprise Server, you have access to support in English and Japanese.

To contact GitHub Support, visit the GitHub Support ページ. For more information, see "Creating a support ticket."

Email communication from GitHub Support will always be sent from either a or address.

Scope of support

サポートリクエストが弊社のチー� が支援できるスコープ外� った� �合、GitHub Support外で問題を解決するための次のステップをおすすめすることがあります。 サポートリクエストが主に以下の内容に関するものであれば、おそらくGitHub Supportのスコープ外になります。

  • Third party integrations, such as Jira
  • Hardware setup
  • JenkinsのようなCI/CD
  • スクリプトの作成
  • SAMLアイデンティティプロバイダなどの外部の認証システ� の設定
  • Open source projects
  • LGTM cluster design
  • CodeQLの新しいクエリの作成あるいはデバッグ

問題がスコープ外か判断できない� �合は、チケットをオープンしてもらえれば先へ進むための最善の方法を定めるための支援をいたします。

About support entitlement

Enterprise owners and billing managers automatically have a support entitlement, which enables them to create, view, and comment on support tickets associated with their enterprise account.

Enterprise owners can also add support entitlements to members of organizations owned by their enterprise account, allowing those members to create, view, and comment on support tickets. For more information, see "Managing support entitlements for your enterprise."

Contacting GitHub Sales and GitHub Training

For pricing, licensing, renewals, quotes, payments, and other related questions, contact GitHubの営業チー�  or call +1 (877) 448-4820.

To learn more about training options, including customized trainings, see GitHub's training site.

Note: Training is included in the Premium Plus plan / GitHub Engineering Direct. For more information, see "About GitHub Premium Support."

Hours of operation

Support in English

For standard non-urgent issues, we offer support in English 24 hours per day, 5 days per week, excluding weekends and national U.S. holidays. The standard response time is 24 hours.

For urgent issues, we are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, even during national U.S. holidays.

Support in Japanese

For standard non-urgent issues, support in Japanese is available Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM JST, excluding national holidays in Japan.

For urgent issues, we offer support in English 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, even during national U.S. holidays.

For a complete list of U.S. and Japanese national holidays observed by GitHub Enterprise Support, see "Holiday schedules."

Holiday schedules

For urgent issues, we can help you in English 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, including on U.S. and Japanese holidays.

Holidays in the United States

GitHub Enterprise Support observes these U.S. holidays, although our global support team is available to answer urgent tickets.

アメリカ合衆国の祝日 祝日対象となる日付
New Year's DayJanuary 1
Martin Luther King, Jr. DayThird Monday in January
Presidents' DayThird Monday in February
Memorial DayLast Monday in May
Independence DayJuly 4
Labor DayFirst Monday in September
Veterans DayNovember 11
Thanksgiving DayFourth Thursday in November
Day after ThanksgivingFourth Friday in November
Christmas EveDecember 23
Christmas DayDecember 24
New Year's EveDecember 31

Holidays in Japan

GitHub Enterprise Support does not provide Japanese-language support on December 28th through January 3rd as well as on the holidays listed in 国民の祝日について - 内閣府.

GitHub Enterprise Server リリースをインストールする

GitHub Enterprise Serverインスタンスの安定を保証するには、GitHub Enterprise Server リリースをインストールして実行しなければなりません。 GitHub Enterprise Server リリースをインストールすることで、最新の機能、修正、拡張とともに、機能へのアップデート、コードの修正、パッチ、あるいはその他のGitHub Enterprise Serverに対する一般的なアップデートや修正が確実に入手できます。

Resolving and closing support tickets

GitHub Enterprise Supportは、説明、推薦事� �、利用方法の指示、回避策の指示あるいはその問題に対処している利用可能なリリースのアドバイスの提供を持って、チケットが解決したものと見なすことがあります。

If you have installed additional third-party software on, or made modifications to, GitHub Enterprise Server outside of the recommendations of GitHub Enterprise Support, GitHub Enterprise Support may ask you to remove the software and/or modifications while attempting to resolve the issue. If the problem is fixed when the unsupported software or modifications have been removed, GitHub Enterprise Support may consider the ticket solved.

GitHub Enterprise Supportは、チケットがサポートの範囲外の� �合、あるいは複数回の連絡に対して返答がいた� けなかった� �合、チケットをクローズすることがあります。 反応がなかったことによってGitHub Enterprise Supportがチケットをクローズした� �合、GitHub Enterprise Supportにチケットをサイドオープンするようリクエストできます。

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