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Configuring commit rebasing for pull requests

You can enforce, allow, or disable commit rebasing for all pull request merges on your enterprise in your repository.

You can configure pull request merge options on your enterprise to meet your workflow needs and preferences for managing Git history. For more information, see "Configuring pull request merges."

  1. On your enterprise, navigate to the main page of the repository.
  2. Debajo del nombre del repositorio, haz clic en Configuración. Botón de configuración del repositorio
  3. Under "Merge button", select Allow rebase merging. This allows contributors to merge a pull request by rebasing their individual commits onto the base branch.

If you also select another merge method, collaborators will be able to choose the type of merge commit when merging a pull request. Si hay una regla de rama protegida en el repositorio que necesite un historial de confirmaciones lineal, debes permitir la fusión mediante combinación con "squash", la fusión mediante cambio de base o ambas. Para más información, vea "Acerca de las ramas protegidas".