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About issues

Use issues to track ideas, enhancements, tasks, or bugs for work on GitHub Enterprise.

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About issues

You can collect user feedback, report software bugs, and organize tasks you'd like to accomplish with issues in a repository. Issues can act as more than just a place to report software bugs.

Puedes vincular una solicitud de extracción a un informe de problemas para automáticamente el informe de problemas cuando alguien fusione la solicitud de extracción. Para obtener más información, consulta la sección "Vincular una solicitud de extracción a un informe de problemas".

To stay updated on the most recent comments in an issue, you can watch an issue to receive notifications about the latest comments. For more information, see "About notifications."

To quickly find links to recently updated issues you're subscribed to, visit your dashboard. For more information, see "About your personal dashboard."

Working with issues

With issues, you can:

Issues can also be assigned to other users, tagged with labels for quicker searching, and grouped together with milestones.

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