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GitHub Codespaces overview

This guide introduces Codespaces and provides details on how it works and how to use it.

Codespaces está disponible para las organizaciones que utilicen GitHub Team o Nube de GitHub Enterprise. Para obtener más información, consulta la sección "Productos de GitHub".

What is a codespace?

A codespace is a development environment that's hosted in the cloud. You can customize your project for Codespaces by committing configuration files to your repository (often known as Configuration-as-Code), which creates a repeatable codespace configuration for all users of your project.

Codespaces run on a variety of VM-based compute options hosted by, which you can configure from 2 core machines up to 32 core machines. You can connect to your codespaces from the browser or locally using Visual Studio Code.

A diagram showing how Codespaces works

Using Codespaces

You can create a codespace from any branch or commit in your repository and begin developing using cloud-based compute resources. Para iniciar con los Codespaces, consulta la "Guía rápida para Codespaces". Para aprender más sobre cómo funcionan los Codespaces, consulta la sección "Adentrarse en los codespaces".

To customize the runtimes and tools in your codespace, you can create one or more dev container configurations for your repository. Adding dev container configurations to your repository allows you to define a choice of different development environments that are appropriate for the work people will do in your repository.

If you don't add a dev container configuration, Codespaces will clone your repository into an environment with the default codespace image that includes many tools, languages, and runtime environments. For more information, see "Introduction to dev containers".

You can also personalize aspects of your codespace environment by using a public dotfiles repository and Settings Sync. Personalization can include shell preferences, additional tools, editor settings, and VS Code extensions. For more information, see "Customizing your codespace".

About billing for Codespaces

For information on pricing, storage, and usage for Codespaces, see "Managing billing for Codespaces."

Nota: Debes configurar un límite de gastos antes de pode utilizar Codespaces.

Predeterminadamente, tu organización o empresa tendrá un límite de gastos de Codespaces de $0, lo cual previene que se creen codespaces nuevos o que se abran los existentes. Para permitir que tus usuarios creen codespaces en tu organización, configura el límite a un valor mayor a $0.

Overages are always billed monthly regardless of your billing term (even if your account is otherwise billed annually). For information on how organizations owners and billing managers can manage the spending limit for Codespaces for an organization, see "Managing your spending limit for Codespaces."