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Viewing activity and data for your repository

Gain insight into your repository by viewing activity and data.

Viewing deployment activity for your repository

You can view information about deployments for your entire repository or a specific pull request.

About repository graphs

Repository graphs help you view and analyze data for your repository.

Using Pulse to view a summary of repository activity

You can use Pulse to see an overview of a repository's pull request, issue, and commit activity.

Viewing traffic to a repository

Anyone with push access to a repository can view its traffic, including full clones (not fetches), visitors from the past 14 days, referring sites, and popular content in the traffic graph.

Viewing a project's contributors

You can see who contributed commits to a repository and its dependencies.

Analyzing changes to a repository's content

You can see the changes to the content of a repository by analyzing the repository's commits, commit frequency, and content additions and deletions.

Understanding connections between repositories

Use the network graph and forks list to understand fork networks.

Using the activity view to see changes to a repository

You can use the activity view to see a detailed history of changes to your repository.