About projects (beta)

Projects are a customizable, flexible tool for planning and tracking work on GitHub.

Note: Projects (beta) is currently in limited public beta. For more information, see GitHub Issues.

About projects

A project is a customizable spreadsheet that integrates with your issues and pull requests on GitHub. You can customize the layout by filtering, sorting, and grouping your issues and PRs. You can also add custom fields to track metadata. Projects are flexible so that your team can work in the way that is best for them.

Staying up-to-date

Your project automatically stays up-to-date with the information on GitHub. When a pull request or issue changes, your project reflects that change. This integration also works both ways, so that when you change information about a pull request or issue from your project, the pull request or issue reflects that information.

Adding metadata to your tasks

You can use custom fields to add metadata to your tasks. For example, you can track the following metadata:

  • a date field to track target ship dates
  • a number field to track the complexity of a task
  • a single select field to track whether a task is Low, Medium, or High priority
  • a text field to add a quick note

Viewing your project from different perspectives

You can view your project as a high density table layout:

Project table

Or as a board:

Project board

To help you focus on specific aspects of your project, you can group, sort, or filter items:

Project view

For more information, see "Customizing your project views."

Working with the command palette

You can use the command palette to quickly change views or add fields. The command palette guides you so that you don't need to memorize custom keyboard shortcuts. For more information, see "Customizing your project views."

Automating project management tasks

You can use the GraphQL API and GitHub Actions to automate routine project management tasks. For more information, see "Using the API to manage projects" and "Automating projects."

Comparing projects (beta) with the non-beta projects

Projects (beta) is a new, customizable version of projects. Projects (beta) is currently only available to a limited number of beta users. The non-beta version of projects is available to all users. To learn more about the beta, see GitHub Issues. For more information about the non-beta version of projects, see "Organizing your work with project boards."

Sharing feedback

You can share your feedback about projects (beta) with GitHub. To join the conversation, see the feedback discussion.

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