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Using the built-in automations

You can use built-in workflows to automate your projects.

Note: Built-in workflows are available as part of a limited beta.

Projects includes built-in workflows that you can use to update the Status of items based on certain events. For example, you can automatically set the status to Todo when an item is added to your project or set the status to Done when an issue is closed.

When your project initializes, two workflows are enabled by default: When issues or pull requests in your project are closed, their status is set to Done, and when pull requests in your project are merged, their status is set to Done.

You can also configure workflows to automatically archive items when they meet set criteria and to automatically add items from a repository when they match a filter. For more information, see "Archiving items automatically" and "Adding items automatically."

You can enable or disable the built-in workflows for your project.

  1. Navigate to your project.

  2. In the top-right, click to open the menu. Screenshot showing the menu icon

  3. In the menu, click Workflows. Screenshot showing the 'Workflows' menu item

  4. Under Default workflows, click on the workflow that you want to edit.

    Screenshot showing default workflows

  5. If the workflow can apply to both issues and pull requests, next to When, check the item type(s) that you want to act on.

    Screenshot showing the "when" configuration for a workflow

  6. Next to Set, choose the value that you want to set the status to.

    Screenshot showing the "set" configuration for a workflow

  7. If the workflow is disabled, click the toggle next to Off to enable the workflow.

    Screenshot showing the "On/Off" control for a workflow