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Adding items automatically

You can configure your project's built-in workflows to automatically add items from a repository that match a filter.

About automatically adding items

You can configure your project's built-in workflows to automatically add new items as they are created or updated in a repository. You can define a filter to only add items that meet your criteria.

When you enable the auto-add workflow, existing items matching your criteria will not be added. The workflow will add items when created or updated if the item matches your filter. For more information on manually adding items, see "Adding items to your project."

The auto-add workflow supports a subset of filters. You can use the following filters when configuring your workflow.

QualifierPossible values
isopen, closed, merged, draft, issue, pr
label"label name"
reasoncompleted, reopened, "not planned"
assigneeGitHub username
nolabel, assignee, reason

All filters, other than no, support negation. For example, you could use -label:bug to add issues that do not have the "bug" label.

The auto-add workflow is limited per plan.

ProductMaximum auto-add workflows
GitHub Free1
GitHub Pro5
GitHub Team5
GitHub Enterprise Cloud20
GitHub Enterprise Server20

Configuring the auto-add workflow in your project

  1. Navigate to your project.

  2. In the top-right, click to open the menu. Screenshot showing the menu icon

  3. In the menu, click Workflows. Screenshot showing the 'Workflows' menu item

  4. In the "Default workflows" list, click Auto-add to project.

    Screenshot showing auto-add workflow

  5. To start editing the workflow, in the top right, click Edit.

    Screenshot showing edit button

  6. Under "Filters", select the repository you want to add items from.

    Screenshot showing repository select

  7. Next to the repository selection, type the filter criteria you want items to match before they are automatically added to your project.

    Screenshot showing repository select

  8. To enable the new workflow, click Save and turn on workflow.

    Screenshot showing autoadd workflows

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