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Managing your issues with tasklists

You can use tasklists to divide your issues into smaller subtasks.

Note: Tasklists are in private beta and subject to change. We have currently paused onboarding to the beta.

About tasklists

You can use tasklists to quickly sketch out projects, divide tasks into subtasks, and track issues and pull requests.

Quickstart for tasklists

Follow this guide to learn how to create and modify tasklists in the UI and with Markdown.

Creating a tasklist

You can create a tasklist using the GitHub UI or Markdown.

Managing tasks in a tasklist

You can track issues and pull requests as subtasks in a tasklist. You can also add draft tasks and later convert them into issues.

Using projects and tasklists

When issues in your project are tracked by tasklists or contain tasklists, you can use them to create views and filters.