Exploring early access releases with feature preview

You can use feature preview to see products or features that are available in beta and to enable or disable each feature for your user account.

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GitHub's release cycle

GitHub's products and features can go through multiple release phases.

AlphaThe product or feature is under heavy development and often has changing requirements and scope. The feature is available for demonstration and test purposes but may not be documented. Alpha releases are not necessarily feature complete, no service level agreements (SLAs) are provided, and there are no technical support obligations.
BetaThe product or feature is ready for broader distribution. Beta releases can be public or private, are documented, but do not have any SLAs or technical support obligations.
General availability (GA)The product or feature is fully tested and open publicly to all users. GA releases are ready for production use, and associated SLA and technical support obligations apply.

Exploring beta releases with feature preview

You can see a list of features that are available in beta and a brief description for each feature. Each feature includes a link to give feedback.

  1. In the upper-right corner of any page, click your profile photo, then click Feature preview.
    Feature preview button
  2. Optionally, to the right of a feature, click Enable or Disable.
    Enable button in feature preview

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