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Registering for a GitHub Certifications exam

When you’re prepared and ready, you can register for the exam.

Note: Managed user accounts do not have access to the GitHub Certifications program.

About registration

When you’re prepared and ready to schedule your exam, you can register from any certification details page on the GitHub Certification Registration page.

During the scheduling process you can choose if you want to take the exam in a local test center or online. With an online proctored exam, you can take your exam at almost any time using your own computer, but it requires installation of a secure browser and reliable access to the internet. Local test centers provide a secure computer environment to take your exam. For more information, see Computer specifications in the PSI documentation.

The GitHub Certification program partners with PSI to deliver both online and in-person certification exams. After your register, the first appointment offered to you will be a minimum of 24 hours from the time of booking. When you sign up for an exam, PSI will send you a confirmation window, and you have a 2-month window to schedule. If you fail to schedule within that time frame, PSI will send you a final email reminder. If you miss your scheduling window, you will need to repeat the scheduling steps.

Regardless of which mode you choose, you’ll need to meet specific identification requirements.

About identification requirements

To gain admission to the testing center or online-proctored exam, you must present a valid, unexpired, and acceptable government-issued ID that has your name, photo, and signature. The first and last name you use to register for the exam must match exactly with the first and last name on the ID.

Acceptable forms include:

  • International Travel Passport
  • Driver's License
  • Government ID card (with photo), such as state or provincial ID, visa, green card

If you do not have a qualifying ID issued from the country in which you are testing, a passport from your country of citizenship is required.

Failure to identify yourself and supply proper ID at the time of the exam is considered a missed appointment. There will be no refund of your exam fee.