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Выпуск GitHub AE сейчас ограничен.

Обучающие ресурсы по Git и GitHub

В Интернете есть множество полезных ресурсов GIT и GitHub AE. Вот краткий список самых полезных из них, по нашему мнению.

Using Git

Familiarize yourself with Git by visiting the official Git project site and reading the ProGit book. You can also review the Git command list.

Using GitHub AE

Become better acquainted with GitHub AE through our getting started articles. See our GitHub flow for a process introduction. Refer to our overview guides to walk through basic concepts.

You can connect with developers around the world to ask and answer questions, learn, and interact directly with GitHub AE staff. To get the conversation started, see "GitHub Community Support."

Branches, forks, and pull requests

Learn about Git branching using an interactive tool. Read about forks and pull requests as well as how we use pull requests at GitHub. Access references about using GitHub from the command line.


Free courses

GitHub AE offers a series of interactive, on-demand training courses including Introduction to GitHub; and courses on GitHub AE specific tools such as GitHub Actions.

GitHub's web-based educational programs

GitHub offers live trainings with a hands-on, project-based approach for those who love the command line and those who don't.

Training for your company

GitHub offers in-person classes taught by our highly-experienced educators. Contact us to ask your training-related questions.


An interactive online Git course from Pluralsight has seven levels with dozens of exercises in a fun game format. Feel free to adapt our .gitignore templates to meet your needs.

Extend your GitHub reach through integrations, or by installing GitHub Desktop and the robust Visual Studio Code text editor.

Learn how to launch and grow your open source project with the Open Source Guides.