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Запрос статистики сервера с помощью REST API

Вы можете использовать собственные средства для анализа использования GitHub Enterprise Server с течением времени, запрашивая метрики Server Statistics, собранные с помощью REST API.

You can request up to 365 days of metrics in a single Server Statistics REST API request. This data, which includes aggregate metrics on repositories, issues, and pull requests, can help you anticipate the needs of your organization, understand how your team works, and show the value you get from GitHub Enterprise Server. For a list of the metrics collected, see "About Server Statistics."

Before you can use the Server Statistics REST API, you must enable Server Statistics. For more information, see "Enabling Server Statistics for your enterprise."

For more information about using the REST API to request server statistics, see "Admin stats" in the GitHub Enterprise Cloud REST API documentation.