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Защита учетной записи с помощью двухфакторной проверки подлинности (2FA)

Вы можете настроить учетную запись на для требования кода проверки подлинности в дополнение к паролю при входе.

Note: Starting in March 2023 and through the end of 2023, GitHub will gradually begin to require all users who contribute code on to enable one or more forms of two-factor authentication (2FA). If you are in an eligible group, you will receive a notification email when that group is selected for enrollment, marking the beginning of a 45-day 2FA enrollment period, and you will see banners asking you to enroll in 2FA on If you don't receive a notification, then you are not part of a group required to enable 2FA, though we strongly recommend it.

For more information about the 2FA enrollment rollout, see this blog post.