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SAML Single Sign-On을 사용한 인증 정보

You can access your enterprise by authenticating with SAML single sign-on (SSO) through an identity provider (IdP).

About authentication with SAML SSO

SAML SSO allows an enterprise owner to centrally control and secure access to GitHub AE from a SAML IdP. When you visit your enterprise in a browser, GitHub AE will redirect you to your IdP to authenticate. After you successfully authenticate with an account on the IdP, the IdP redirects you back to your enterprise. GitHub AE validates the response from your IdP, then grants access.

You must periodically authenticate with your SAML IdP to authenticate and gain access to your enterprise. The duration of this login period is specified by your IdP and is generally 24 hours. This periodic login requirement limits the length of access and requires you to re-identify yourself to continue.

If you can't access GitHub AE, contact your local enterprise owner or administrator for GitHub AE. You may be able to locate contact information for your enterprise by clicking Support at the bottom of any page on GitHub AE. GitHub and GitHub Support do not have access to your IdP, and cannot troubleshoot authentication problems.

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