About alerts for vulnerable dependencies

GitHub Enterprise Server sends Dependabotアラート when we detect vulnerabilities affecting your repository.

About vulnerable dependencies

脆弱性とは、プロジェクトあるいはそのコードを利用する他のプロジェクトにおいて、秘密性、一貫性、可用性を損なうために悪用されうる、プロジェクトコードの問題です。 脆弱性の種類、重要度、攻撃の方法は様々です。

When your code depends on a package that has a security vulnerability, this vulnerable dependency can cause a range of problems for your project or the people who use it.

Detection of vulnerable dependencies

Dependabot detects vulnerable dependencies and sends Dependabotアラート when:

For a list of the ecosystems that GitHub Enterprise Server can detect vulnerabilities and dependencies for, see "Supported package ecosystems."

Note: It is important to keep your manifest and lock files up to date. If the dependency graph doesn't accurately reflect your current dependencies and versions, then you could miss alerts for vulnerable dependencies that you use. You may also get alerts for dependencies that you no longer use.

Dependabot alerts for vulnerable dependencies

サイト管理者は、 この機能を使えるようにするには、GitHub Enterprise Serverのインスタンスの脆弱な依存関係に対するDependabotアラートを有効化しなければなりません。 詳しい情報については、「GitHub Enterprise Serverの脆弱性のある依存関係に関するセキュリティアラートの有効化」を参照してください。

When GitHub Enterprise Server identifies a vulnerable dependency, we generate a Dependabot alert and display it on the Security tab for the repository. The alert includes a link to the affected file in the project, and information about a fixed version. GitHub Enterprise Server also notifies the maintainers of affected repositories about the new alert according to their notification preferences. For more information, see "Configuring notifications for vulnerable dependencies."

Note: GitHub Enterprise Server's security features do not claim to catch all vulnerabilities. Though we are always trying to update our vulnerability database and generate alerts with our most up-to-date information, we will not be able to catch everything or tell you about known vulnerabilities within a guaranteed time frame. These features are not substitutes for human review of each dependency for potential vulnerabilities or any other issues, and we recommend consulting with a security service or conducting a thorough vulnerability review when necessary.

Access to Dependabot alerts

You can see all of the alerts that affect a particular project in the repository's dependency graph.

By default, we notify people with admin permissions in the affected repositories about new Dependabotアラート.

Watchしているリポジトリ上の Dependabotアラートに関する通知の配信方法を、通知が送信される頻度と共に選択できます。 For more information, see "Configuring notifications for vulnerable dependencies."



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