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About Dependabot alerts

GitHub AE sends Dependabotアラート when we detect that your repository uses a vulnerable dependency.

About Dependabotアラート

Dependabotアラート tell you that your code depends on a package that is insecure.

If your code depends on a package with a security vulnerability, this can cause a range of problems for your project or the people who use it. You should upgrade to a secure version of the package as soon as possible.

詳しい情報については、「GitHub Advisory Database のセキュリティアドバイザリを参照する」を参照してください。

Detection of insecure dependencies

ノート: Dependabotアラートは現在ベータであり、変更されることがあります。

Dependabot performs a scan to detect insecure dependencies, and sends Dependabotアラート when:

Additionally, GitHub can review any dependencies added, updated, or removed in a pull request made against the default branch of a repository, and flag any changes that would reduce the security of your project. This allows you to spot and deal with vulnerable dependencies before, rather than after, they reach your codebase. 詳しい情報については「Pull Request中の依存関係の変更のレビュー」を参照してください。

For a list of the ecosystems that GitHub AE detects insecure dependencies in, see "Supported package ecosystems."

Note: It is important to keep your manifest and lock files up to date. If the dependency graph doesn't accurately reflect your current dependencies and versions, then you could miss alerts for insecure dependencies that you use. You may also get alerts for dependencies that you no longer use.

Configuration of Dependabotアラート

Enterprise owners must enable Dependabotアラート for Enterprise before you can use this feature. 詳しい情報については「EnterpriseでのDependabotの有効化」を参照してください。

When GitHub AE identifies a vulnerable dependency, we generate a Dependabot alert and display it in the repository's dependency graph. The alert includes information about a fixed version. GitHub AE may also notify the maintainers of affected repositories about the new alert according to their notification preferences. For more information, see "Configuring notifications for Dependabotアラート."

Note: GitHub AE's security features do not claim to catch all vulnerabilities. We actively maintain GitHub Advisory Database and generate alerts with the most up-to-date information. However, we cannot catch everything or tell you about known vulnerabilities within a guaranteed time frame. These features are not substitutes for human review of each dependency for potential vulnerabilities or any other issues, and we recommend consulting with a security service or conducting a thorough dependency review when necessary.

Access to Dependabotアラート

You can see all of the alerts that affect a particular project in the repository's dependency graph. For more information, see "Viewing and updatng Dependabotアラート."

By default, we notify people with admin permissions in the affected repositories about new Dependabotアラート.

You can choose the delivery method for notifications, as well as the frequency at which the notifications are sent to you. For more information, see "Configuring notifications for Dependabotアラート."

You can also see all the Dependabotアラート that correspond to a particular advisory in the GitHub Advisory Database. 詳しい情報については、「GitHub Advisory Database のセキュリティアドバイザリを参照する」を参照してください。