Managing the publication of GitHub Pages sites for your organization

You can control whether organization members can publish Páginas de GitHub sites from repositories in the organization and restrict the visibilities that members can choose for the sites.

Organization owners can manage the publication of Páginas de GitHub sites from repositories in the organization.

Páginas de GitHub se encuentra disponible en repositorios públicos con GitHub Free y GitHub Free para organizaciones, y en repositorios privados y públicos con GitHub Pro, GitHub Team, GitHub Enterprise Cloud, y Servidor de GitHub Enterprise. Para obtener más información, consulta la sección "Productos de GitHub".

If your organization uses GitHub Enterprise Cloud, you can choose to allow organization members to create publicly published sites, privately published sites, both, or neither. Otherwise, you can choose to allow or disallow public publishing. For more information about access control for Páginas de GitHub sites, see "Changing the visibility of your Páginas de GitHub site."

If you disallow publication of Páginas de GitHub sites, any sites that are already published will remain published. You can manually unpublish the site. For more information, see "Unpublishing a Páginas de GitHub site."

  1. En la parte izquierda de tu página de perfil, debajo de "Organizaciones", da clic en el icono de tu organización. iconos de organización
  2. Next to the organization, click Settings. The settings button
  3. En la barra lateral izquierda, da clic en Privilegios de los miembros. Opción de privilegios de los miembros en la configuración de la organización
  4. Under "Pages creation", select the visibilities you want to allow and deselect the visibilities you want to disallow. Checkboxes to allow or disallow creation of Páginas de GitHub sites
  5. Click Save.

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