Removing a member from your organization

If members of your organization no longer require access to any repositories owned by the organization, you can remove them from the organization.

Only organization owners can remove members from an organization.

Warning: When you remove members from an organization:

  • The paid license count does not automatically downgrade. To pay for fewer licenses after removing users from your organization, follow the steps in "Downgrading your organization's paid seats."
  • Removed members will lose access to private forks of your organization's private repositories, but they may still have local copies. However, they cannot sync local copies with your organization's repositories. Their private forks can be restored if the user is reinstated as an organization member within three months of being removed from the organization. Ultimately, you are responsible for ensuring that people who have lost access to a repository delete any confidential information or intellectual property.
  • If your organization is owned by an enterprise account, removed members will also lose access to private forks of your organization's internal repositories, if the removed member is not a member of any other organization owned by the same enterprise account. For more information, see "About enterprise accounts."
  • Any organization invitations sent by a removed member, that have not been accepted, are cancelled and will not be accessible.

To help the person you're removing from your organization transition and help ensure they delete confidential information or intellectual property, we recommend sharing a checklist of best practices for leaving your organization. For an example, see "Best practices for leaving your company."

Nota: Cuando eliminas un usuario de la organización, sus datos de membresía se guardan durante tres meses. Si en el transcurso de ese tiempo invitas al usuario a que se vuelva a unir a la organización, puedes restaurar sus datos o cualquier bifurcación privada de tus repositorios de la organización que le haya pertenecido. Para obtener más información, consulta "Reinstalar un miembro antiguo de tu organización".

Revoking the user's membership

  1. En la parte izquierda de tu página de perfil, debajo de "Organizaciones", da clic en el icono de tu organización. iconos de organización
  2. Click the name of your organization. Organization name in list of organizations
  3. Debajo de tu nombre de organización, da clic en Personas. Pestaña de las Personas
  4. Select the member or members you'd like to remove from the organization. List of members with two members selected
  5. Above the list of members, use the drop-down menu, and click Remove from organization. Drop-down menu with option to remove members
  6. Review the member or members who will be removed from the organization, then click Remove members. List of members who will be removed and Remove members button

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