Reinstating a former outside collaborator's access to your organization

You can reinstate a former outside collaborator's access permissions for organization repositories, forks, and settings.

When an outside collaborator's access to your organization's private repositories is removed, the user's access privileges and settings are saved for three months. You can restore the user's privileges if you invite them back to the organization within that time frame.

Puedes enviar una invitación para reinstalar los privilegios del usuario y el acceso a la organización antes de que hayan habilitado la autenticación bifactorial. Los usuarios deben habilitar dicha autenticación antes de aceptar tu invitación de unirse nuevamente a la organización.

When you reinstate a former outside collaborator, you can restore:

  • The user's former access to organization repositories
  • Any private forks of repositories owned by the organization
  • Membership in the organization's teams
  • Previous access and permissions for the organization's repositories
  • Stars for organization repositories
  • Issue assignments in the organization
  • Repository subscriptions (notification settings for watching, not watching, or ignoring a repository's activity)


  • Only organization owners can reinstate outside collaborators' access to an organization. For more information, see "Permission levels for an organization."
  • The reinstating a member flow on GitHub may use the term "member" to describe reinstating an outside collaborator but if you reinstate this person and keep their previous privileges, they will only have their previous outside collaborator permissions.
  • If your organization has a paid per-user subscription, an unused license must be available before you can invite a new member to join the organization or reinstate a former organization member. For more information, see "About per-user pricing."
  1. En la parte izquierda de tu página de perfil, debajo de "Organizaciones", da clic en el icono de tu organización. iconos de organización

  2. Click the name of your organization. Organization name in list of organizations

  3. Debajo de tu nombre de organización, da clic en Personas. Pestaña de las Personas

  4. En la pestaña de Personas, da clic en Invitar miembro. Botón de invitar miembro

  5. Teclea el nombre de usuario de la persona que quieres reinstaurar y da clic en Invitar.

  6. Choose to restore the outside collaborator's previous privileges in the organization by clicking Invite and reinstate or choose to clear their previous privileges and set new access permissions by clicking Invite and start fresh.

    Warning: If you want to upgrade the outside collaborator to a member of your organization, then choose Invite and start fresh and choose a new role for this person. Note, however, that this person's private forks of your organization's repositories will be lost if you choose to start fresh. To make the former outside collaborator a member of your organization and keep their private forks, choose Invite and reinstate instead. Once this person accepts the invitation, you can convert them to an organization member by inviting them to join the organization as a member.

    Choose to restore settings or not

  7. If you cleared the previous privileges for a former outside collaborator, choose a role for the user and optionally add them to some teams, then click Send invitation. Role and team options and send invitation button

  8. The invited person will receive an email inviting them to the organization. They will need to accept the invitation before becoming an outside collaborator in the organization. Puedes editar o cancelar una invitación en cualquier momento después de que el usuario la acepte.

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