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Troubleshooting GitHub Codespaces clients

You can use GitHub Codespaces in your browser or through Visual Studio Code. This article provides troubleshooting steps for common client issues.

GitHub Codespaces está disponible para las organizaciones que usen GitHub Team o GitHub Enterprise Cloud. GitHub Codespaces también está disponible como versión beta limitada para usuarios individuales en los planes GitHub Free y GitHub Pro. Para más información, vea "Productos de GitHub".

Visual Studio Code troubleshooting

When you connect a desktop version of Visual Studio Code to a codespace, you will notice few differences compared with working in a normal workspace but the experience will be fairly similar.

When you open a codespace in your browser using Visual Studio Code in the web, you will notice more differences. For example, some key bindings will be different or missing, and some extensions may behave differently. For a summary, see: "Known limitations and adaptions" in the Visual Studio Code docs.

You can check for known issues and log new issues with the Visual Studio Code experience in the microsoft/vscode repository.

Visual Studio Code Insiders

Visual Studio Code Insiders is the most frequent release of Visual Studio Code. It has all the latest features and bug fixes, but may also occasionally contain new issues that result in a broken build.

If you are using an Insiders build and notice broken behavior, we recommend switching to Visual Studio Code Stable and trying again.

On the desktop version of Visual Studio Code, you can switch to Stable by closing the Visual Studio Code Insiders application, opening the Visual Studio Code Stable application, and re-opening your codespace.

On the web version of Visual Studio Code, you can click in the bottom left of the editor and select Switch to Stable Version.... If the web version doesn't load or the icon isn't available, you can force switching to Visual Studio Code Stable by appending ?vscodeChannel=stable to your codespace URL and loading the codespace at that URL.

If the problem isn't fixed in Visual Studio Code Stable, please follow the above troubleshooting instructions.

Browser troubleshooting

If you encounter issues using codespaces in a browser that is not Chromium-based, try switching to a Chromium-based browser, or check for known issues with your browser in the microsoft/vscode repository by searching for issues labeled with the name of your browser, such as firefox or safari.

If you encounter issues using codespaces in a Chromium-based browser, you can check if you're experiencing another known issue with Visual Studio Code in the microsoft/vscode repository.