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Leave feedback with pull requests

You can leave feedback for your students in a special pull request within the repository for each assignment.

People with read permissions to a repository can leave feedback in a pull request for the repository.

About feedback pull requests for assignments

Puedes crear una solicitud de cambios automáticamente en donde puedas proporcionar retroalimentación y responder las preguntas del alumno sobre una tarea. Para obtener más información acerca de la revisión de cambios en una solicitud de cambios, consulta la sección "Revisar los cambios en las solicitudes de cambios".

When you enable the pull request for feedback for an assignment, GitHub Classroom will create a special pull request titled Feedback in the assignment repository for each student or team. The pull request automatically shows every commit that a student pushed to the assignment repository's default branch.


To create and access the feedback pull request, you must enable the feedback pull request when you create the assignment. Para obtener más información, consulta la sección "Crear una tarea individual" o "Crear una tarea grupal".

Leaving feedback in a pull request for an assignment

  1. Inicia sesión en GitHub Classroom.
  2. In the list of classrooms, click the classroom with the assignment you want to review. Classroom in list of classrooms for an organization
  3. En la lista de tareas, da clic en aquellaque quieras ver. Lista de tareas para las tareas de un aula
  4. To the right of the submission, click Review. Review button for assignment in list of submissions for an assignment
  5. Review the pull request. For more information, see "Commenting on a pull request."

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