Encouraging helpful contributions to your project with labels

Apply the good first issue label to issues in your repository to highlight opportunities for people to contribute to your project.

You can apply the good first issue label to issues in your public repository so that people can find them when searching by labels. For more information about searching by labels, see "Searching issues and pull requests."

GitHub uses an algorithm to determine the most approachable issues in each repository and surface them in various places on GitHub.com. Adding the good first issue label can increase the likelihood that your issues are surfaced.

  1. En GitHub, visita la página principal del repositorio.
  2. Debajo del nombre de tu repositorio, da clic en Informe de problemas. Pestaña de informe de problemas
  3. Selecciona la casilla junto a los elementos a los que quieras aplicar la etiqueta. Casilla de verificación de metadatos de propuestas
  4. In the upper-right corner, click Label, then start typing good first issue. Click the label's name to associate it with the selected items. Issues Milestone assignment drop-down

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