Unblocking a user from your personal account

If you've mended fences with a GitHub user you've blocked, you can unblock their account.

When you unblock a user, they'll be able to invite you to be a collaborator to their repositories. If they @mention you anywhere on GitHub, you'll receive notifications.

In repositories you own, the user will be able to collaborate normally.

You can unblock a user in your account settings or from the user's profile page.

Unblocking a user in your account settings

  1. En la esquina superior derecha de cualquier página, da clic en tu foto de perfil y después da clic en Configuración. Icono Settings (Parámetros) en la barra de usuario
  2. En tu barra lateral de configuración, da clic en Usuarios bloqueados. Pestaña de usuarios bloqueados
  3. Under "Blocked users", next to the user you'd like to unblock, click Unblock. Unblock user button

Unblocking a user from their profile page

  1. Visita la página de perfil de usuario.
  2. In the left sidebar, under the user's profile picture, click , then click Unblock or report user. Unblock or report user link
  3. Click Unblock user. Modal box with option to unblock user or report abuse

Tip: Settings that were removed when you blocked the user, such as collaborator status, stars, and follows, are not restored when you unblock the user.

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