Filtering issues and pull requests

Issues and pull requests come with a set of default filters you can apply to organize your listings.

You can find a pull request where you or a team you're a member of is requested for review with the search qualifier review-requested:[USERNAME] or team-review-requested:[TEAMNAME]. For more information, see "Searching issues and pull requests."

You can filter issues and pull requests to find:

  • All open issues and pull requests
  • Issues and pull requests that you've created
  • Issues and pull requests that are assigned to you
  • Issues and pull requests where you're @mentioned

Tip: You can also filter issues or pull requests using the GitHub CLI. For more information, see "gh issue list" or "gh pr list" in the GitHub CLI documentation.

  1. On GitHub AE, navigate to the main page of the repository.
  2. Under your repository name, click Issues or Pull requests. Issues and pull requests tab selection
  3. Click Filters to choose the type of filter you're interested in. Using the Filters drop-down

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