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About single select fields

You can create single select fields with multiple options, each with a description and a color, that can be selected from a dropdown menu.

You can filter by your single select fields by specifying the option, for example: fieldname:option. You can filter for multiple values by providing a comma-separated list of options, for example: fieldname:option,option. For more information, see "Filtering projects."

Single select fields can contain up to 50 options.

Adding a single select field

  1. In table view, in the rightmost field header, click .
    Screenshot of a project. The "Add field" button is highlighted with an orange outline.
  2. Click New field.
  3. At the top of the dropdown, type the name of your new field.
  4. Select Single select
  5. Below "Options", type the first option.
    • To add additional options, click Add option.
  6. Click Save.

Editing a single select field

You can set descriptions and colors for each of your single select options.

  1. Access your project's settings.

  2. To the right of the single select field you want to edit, click .

    Screenshot of the single select options. The pencil icon, by one of the options, is highlighted with an orange outline.

  3. In the modal that opens, under Label text, type the name of this option.

  4. Optionally, under Color, select the color you want to use to represent this option.

    Screenshot of the modal for editing a single select option. The blue color option is highlighted with an orange outline.

  5. Optionally, under Description, type a description for this option.

  6. Click Save to save your changes.