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Unblocking a user from your organization

Organization owners and moderators can unblock a user who was previously blocked, restoring their access to the organization's repositories.

After unblocking a user from your organization, they'll be able to contribute to your organization's repositories.

If you selected a specific amount of time to block the user, they will be automatically unblocked when that period of time ends. For more information, see "Blocking a user from your organization."

Tip: Any settings that were removed when you blocked the user from your organization, such as collaborator status, stars, and watches, will not be restored when you unblock the user.

Unblocking a user in a comment

  1. Navigate to the comment whose author you would like to unblock.

  2. In the upper-right corner of the comment, click , then click Unblock user.

    Screenshot of a pull request comment by octo-user. Below an icon of three horizontal dots, a dropdown menu is expanded, and "Unblock user" is outlined in orange.

  3. To confirm you would like to unblock the user, click OK.

Unblocking a user in the organization settings

  1. In the upper-right corner of GitHub, select your profile photo, then click Your organizations.
  2. Next to the organization, click Settings.
  3. In the sidebar, select Moderation, then click Blocked users.
  4. Under "Blocked users", next to the user you'd like to unblock, click Unblock.

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