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This version of GitHub Enterprise Server was discontinued on 2023-09-25. No patch releases will be made, even for critical security issues. For better performance, improved security, and new features, upgrade to the latest version of GitHub Enterprise Server. For help with the upgrade, contact GitHub Enterprise support.

Understanding IAM for enterprises

You can use GitHub Enterprise Server's built-in authentication, or you can centrally manage authentication and access to your instance with CAS, LDAP, or SAML.

About identity and access management

Administrators for a GitHub Enterprise Server instance must decide how users will access the instance.

About SAML for enterprise IAM

You can use SAML single sign-on (SSO) to centrally manage access to your GitHub Enterprise Server instance.

Changing authentication methods

You can change the way GitHub Enterprise Server authenticates with your existing accounts at any time.

Allowing built-in authentication for users outside your provider

You can configure fallback authentication to allow built-in authentication for people who don't have an account on your CAS, LDAP, or SAML authentication provider.

Troubleshooting identity and access management for your enterprise

Review common issues and solutions for identity and access management for your enterprise.