Viewing a pull request in GitHub Desktop

Sie können die vorgeschlagenen Änderungen in offenen Pull Requests auf GitHub Desktop anzeigen.

About pull requests in GitHub Desktop

You can view pull requests that you or your collaborators have proposed in GitHub Desktop. Pull requests let you propose changes to projects, provide feedback and reviews, and merge changes into projects. Weitere Informationen findest Du unter „Informationen zu Pull Requests.“

When you view a pull request in GitHub Desktop, you can see a history of commits that contributors made. You can also see which files the commits modified, added, or deleted. From GitHub Desktop, you can open repositories in your preferred text editor to view any changes or make additional changes. After reviewing changes in a pull request, you can give feedback on GitHub. For more information, see "About pull request reviews."

Viewing a pull request in GitHub Desktop

  1. In GitHub Desktop, click Current Branch. Dropdownmenü „Current Branch“ (Aktueller Branch)
  2. Klicke im oberen Bereich des Dropdownmenüs auf Pull Requests. Registerkarte „Pull-Requests“ im Dropdownmenü für den aktuellen Branch
  3. Klicke in der Liste der Pull Requests auf den Pull Request, den Du anzeigen möchten. Liste der offenen Pull Requests im Repository
  4. Klicke optional zum Aktualisieren der Liste der Pull-Requests auf . Synchronisierungsschaltfläche für die Aktualisierung

Opening a pull request in GitHub Desktop from GitHub

  1. Klicken Sie unter dem Namen des Repositorys auf Pull requests. Issues and pull requests tab selection
  2. In the list of pull requests, click the pull request that you would like to open in GitHub Desktop.
  3. To the right of the title of the pull request, click the Open with drop-down and then click the Open in Desktop button. The Open in Desktop button

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