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Managing policies and features for Copilot in your organization

Learn how to manage policies for GitHub Copilot in your organization.

Wer kann dieses Feature verwenden?

Organization owners

Organisationen mit einem Abonnement für GitHub Copilot Business oder GitHub Copilot Enterprise.

About policies for GitHub Copilot

Organization owners can set policies to govern how GitHub Copilot can be used within the organization. For example, an organization owner can enable or disable the following Copilot features:

  • Copilot Chat in the IDE
  • Copilot Chat in GitHub Mobile
  • Copilot in the CLI
  • Suggestions matching public code

The policy settings selected by an organization owner determine the behavior of GitHub Copilot for all organization members that have been granted access to Copilot through the organization.

Policies for suggestion matching

Organization settings include an option to either allow or block code completion suggestions that match publicly available code. If you choose to block suggestions matching public code, GitHub Copilot will check potential code completion suggestions and the surrounding code of about 150 characters against public code on GitHub. If there is a match, or a near match, the suggestion is not shown.

Enabling Copilot features in your organization

  1. Wählen Sie in der oberen rechten Ecke von GitHub Ihr Profilfoto aus, und klicken Sie dann auf Ihre Organisationen.

  2. Klicke neben der Organisation auf Einstellungen.

  3. Klicken Sie auf der Randleiste unter „Code, Planung und Automatisierung“ auf Copilot und dann auf Richtlinien.

  4. Use the dropdown options to the right of each feature to enable or disable that feature for your organization.

    For example, to enable or disable suggestion matching, in the "Suggestions matching public code" dropdown, select Allowed or Blocked.

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