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Inviting collaborators to a personal repository

You can invite users to become collaborators to your personal repository.

Wenn du GitHub Free verwendest, kannst du unbegrenzt Mitarbeiter für öffentliche und private Repositorys hinzufügen.

Repositories owned by an organization can grant more granular access. For more information, see "Access permissions on GitHub."

Ausstehende Einladungen verfallen nach 7 Tagen und stellen nicht beanspruchte Lizenzen wieder her.

If you're a member of an enterprise with managed users, you can only invite other members of your enterprise to collaborate with you. Weitere Informationen findest du unter Typen von GitHub-Konten.

Note: GitHub limits the number of people who can be invited to a repository within a 24-hour period. If you exceed this limit, either wait 24 hours or create an organization to collaborate with more people.

  1. Ask for the username of the person you're inviting as a collaborator. If they don't have a username yet, they can sign up for GitHub For more information, see "Signing up for a new GitHub account".

  2. On, navigate to the main page of the repository.

  3. Klicke unter dem Repositorynamen auf Einstellungen. Schaltfläche „Repositoryeinstellungen“

  4. Klicke auf der Randleiste im Abschnitt „Zugriff“ auf Mitarbeiter & Teams.

  5. Click Invite a collaborator. "Invite a collaborator" button

  6. In the search field, start typing the name of person you want to invite, then click a name in the list of matches. Search field for typing the name of a person to invite to the repository

  7. Click Add NAME to REPOSITORY. Button to add collaborator

  8. The user will receive an email inviting them to the repository. Once they accept your invitation, they will have collaborator access to your repository.

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