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설명서에 자주 업데이트를 게시하며 이 페이지의 번역이 계속 진행 중일 수 있습니다. 최신 정보는 영어 설명서를 참조하세요.
GitHub AE는 현재 제한된 릴리스에 있습니다.

Rate limits for GitHub Apps

속도 제한은 모든 사용자에 대한 일관된 액세스를 보장하기 위해 트래픽 속도를 엔터프라이즈로 제한합니다.

About rate limits for GitHub Apps

GitHub sets a limit on the number of requests a GitHub App can send to the server within a specific time period. This limit helps to prevent abuse and denial-of-service attacks, and ensures that the system remains available for all users.

Determining rate limits for a GitHub App

참고: 현재 속도 제한 상태를 언제든지 확인할 수 있습니다. 자세한 내용은 "REST API의 리소스"을 참조하세요.

Rate limits depend on whether the GitHub App authenticates with a user access token or with an installation access token. A user access token allows an app to act on behalf of a specific user, after the user authorizes the app. An installation access token allows an app to attribute actions to the app itself. For more information about user and installation access tokens, "GitHub 앱 인증 정보."

Installation access tokens

GitHub Apps authenticating with an installation access token use the installation's minimum rate limit of 5,000 requests per hour. If an application is installed on an organization with more than 20 users, the application receives another 50 requests per hour for each user. Installations that have more than 20 repositories receive another 50 requests per hour for each repository. The maximum rate limit for an installation is 12,500 requests per hour.

User access tokens

User access token requests are limited to 15,000 requests per hour and per authenticated user.

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