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팀 멤버에게 팀 유지 관리자 역할 할당

팀 구성원에게 팀 유지 관리자 역할을 할당하여 팀 멤버 자격 및 설정을 관리할 수 있는 기능을 제공할 수 있습니다.

이 기능을 사용할 수 있는 사용자

Organization owners can promote team members to team maintainers.

About team maintainers

People with the team maintainer role can manage team membership and settings.

Note If your enterprise uses managed user accounts and manages a team's membership with an identity provider (IdP) group, you cannot assign the team maintainer role manually for that team. For more information, see "Managing team memberships with identity provider groups."

Promoting an organization member to team maintainer

Before you can promote an organization member to team maintainer, the person must already be a member of the team.

  1. In the top right corner of, click your profile photo, then click Your organizations.

    Screenshot of the dropdown menu under @octocat's profile picture. "Your organizations" is outlined in dark orange.

  2. Click the name of your organization.

  3. Under your organization name, click Teams.

    Screenshot of the horizontal navigation bar for an organization. A tab, labeled with the people icon and "Teams," is outlined in dark orange.

  4. Click the name of the team.

  5. At the top of the team page, click Members.

    Screenshot of the header of a team's page. A tab, labeled with an organization icon and "Members", is outlined in dark orange.

  6. Select the person or people you'd like to promote to team maintainer.

    Screenshot of the first user in a list of team members. To the left of the user, a checkbox is checked and outlined in dark orange.

  7. Above the list of team members, use the drop-down menu and click Change role....

    Screenshot of a team's "Members" page. Above the list of team members, a dropdown menu, labeled "2 members selected", is outlined in dark orange.

  8. Select a new role, then click Change role.