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About continuous deployment

You can create custom continuous deployment (CD) workflows directly in your GitHub repository with GitHub Actions.

Nota: Actualmente los ejecutores hospedados en GitHub no se admiten en GitHub Enterprise Server. Puede ver más información sobre la compatibilidad futura planeada en GitHub public roadmap.

About continuous deployment

Continuous deployment (CD) is the practice of using automation to publish and deploy software updates. As part of the typical CD process, the code is automatically built and tested before deployment.

Continuous deployment is often coupled with continuous integration. For more information about continuous integration, see "About continuous integration".

About continuous deployment using GitHub Actions

You can set up a GitHub Actions workflow to deploy your software product. To verify that your product works as expected, your workflow can build the code in your repository and run your tests before deploying.

You can configure your CD workflow to run when a GitHub Enterprise Server event occurs (for example, when new code is pushed to the default branch of your repository), on a set schedule, manually, or when an external event occurs using the repository dispatch webhook. For more information about when your workflow can run, see "Events that trigger workflows."

GitHub Actions provides features that give you more control over deployments. For example, you can use environments to require approval for a job to proceed, restrict which branches can trigger a workflow, or limit access to secrets. You can use concurrency to limit your CD pipeline to a maximum of one in-progress deployment and one pending deployment. For more information about these features, see "Deploying with GitHub Actions" and "Using environments for deployment."

Starter workflows and third party actions

GitHub Enterprise Server ofrece flujos de trabajo iniciales para el despliegue para varios servicios populares tales como Azure Web App. Para obtener información sobre cómo empezar a usar un flujo de trabajo de inicio, vea "Uso de flujos de trabajo de inicio" o examine la lista completa de flujos de trabajo de inicio de implementación. También puede consultar flujos de trabajo de implementación específicos en nuestras guías más detalladas, como "Implementación en Azure App Service".

Muchos proveedores de servicio también ofrecen acciones en GitHub Marketplace para desplegar a su servicio. Para obtener la lista completa, vea GitHub Marketplace.

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