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Configuring automation for projects (classic)

You can set up automatic workflows to move issues and pull requests to a classic project column when a specified event occurs.


  • Projects, the all-new projects experience, is now available. For more information about Projects, see "About Projects."
  • You can only create a new classic project board for an organization, repository, or user that already has at least one classic project board. If you're unable to create a classic project board, create a project instead.

To set up automatic workflows for a repository classic project, you must have write access to the repository. Organization owners and members can configure automatic workflows on an organization-wide classic project. For more information, see "About automation for projects (classic)."

You can use a classic project template to create a classic project with automation already configured. For more information, see "About projects (classic)."

When you close a classic project, any workflow automation configured for the classic project will pause. If you reopen a classic project, you have the option to sync automation, which updates the position of the cards on the board according to the automation settings configured for the project. For more information, see "Reopening a closed project (classic)" or "Closing a project (classic)."

Tip: To edit columns that already have configured automation, click Manage at the bottom of the column.

  1. Navigate to the classic project you want to automate.
  2. In the column you want to automate, click . Screenshot showing a column in a project. The menu icon is highlighted with an orange outline.
  3. Click Manage automation.
  4. Using the Preset drop-down menu, select an automation preset.
  5. Select the workflow automations you want to configure for the column.
  6. Click Update automation.

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