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Opening an issue from a comment

You can open a new issue from a specific comment in an issue or pull request.

When you open an issue from a comment, the issue contains a snippet showing where the comment was originally posted.

  1. Navigate to the comment you'd like to open an issue from.

  2. In that comment, click .

    Kebab button in pull request review comment

  3. Click Reference in new issue.

    Reference in new issue menu item

  4. Use the "Repository" drop-down menu, and select the repository you want to open the issue in.

    Repository dropdown for new issue

  5. Type a descriptive title and body for the issue.

    Title and body for new issue

  6. Click Create issue.

    Button to create new issue

  7. If you're a project maintainer, you can assign the issue to someone, add it to a project board, associate it with a milestone, or apply a label.

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