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Default environment variables for your codespace

GitHub sets default environment variables for each codespace.

About default environment variables

GitHub sets default environment variables for every codespace. Commands run in codespaces can create, read, and modify environment variables.

Note: Environment variables are case-sensitive.

List of default environment variables

Environment variableDescription
CODESPACE_NAMEThe name of the codespace For example, octocat-literate-space-parakeet-mld5
CODESPACESAlways true while in a codespace
GIT_COMMITTER_EMAILThe email for the "author" field of future git commits.
GIT_COMMITTER_NAMEThe name for the "committer" field of future git commits.
GITHUB_CODESPACES_PORT_FORWARDING_DOMAINReturns the domain of the GitHub Codespaces forwarded port. For example,
GITHUB_API_URLReturns the API URL. For example,
GITHUB_GRAPHQL_URLReturns the GraphQL API URL. For example,
GITHUB_REPOSITORYThe owner and repository name. For example, octocat/Hello-World.
GITHUB_SERVER_URLReturns the URL of the GitHub Enterprise Cloud server. For example,
GITHUB_TOKENA signed auth token representing the user in the codespace. You can use this to make authenticated calls to the GitHub API. For more information, see "Security in GitHub Codespaces."
GITHUB_USERThe name of the user that initiated the codespace. For example, octocat.