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REST API 现已经过版本控制。 有关详细信息,请参阅“关于 API 版本控制”。

Community 指标

使用 REST API 检索有关社区配置文件的信息。

Get community profile metrics

适用于 GitHub Apps

Returns all community profile metrics for a repository. The repository cannot be a fork.

The returned metrics include an overall health score, the repository description, the presence of documentation, the detected code of conduct, the detected license, and the presence of ISSUE_TEMPLATE, PULL_REQUEST_TEMPLATE, README, and CONTRIBUTING files.

The health_percentage score is defined as a percentage of how many of the recommended community health files are present. For more information, see "About community profiles for public repositories."

content_reports_enabled is only returned for organization-owned repositories.

“Get community profile metrics”的参数

名称, 类型, 说明
accept string

Setting to application/vnd.github+json is recommended.

名称, 类型, 说明
owner string 必须

The account owner of the repository. The name is not case sensitive.

repo string 必须

The name of the repository without the .git extension. The name is not case sensitive.

“Get community profile metrics”的 HTTP 响应状态代码



“Get community profile metrics”的示例代码

curl -L \ -H "Accept: application/vnd.github+json" \ -H "Authorization: Bearer <YOUR-TOKEN>" \ -H "X-GitHub-Api-Version: 2022-11-28" \


Status: 200
{ "health_percentage": 100, "description": "My first repository on GitHub!", "documentation": null, "files": { "code_of_conduct": { "name": "Contributor Covenant", "key": "contributor_covenant", "url": "", "html_url": "" }, "code_of_conduct_file": { "url": "", "html_url": "" }, "contributing": { "url": "", "html_url": "" }, "issue_template": { "url": "", "html_url": "" }, "pull_request_template": { "url": "", "html_url": "" }, "license": { "name": "MIT License", "key": "mit", "spdx_id": "MIT", "url": "", "html_url": "", "node_id": "MDc6TGljZW5zZW1pdA==" }, "readme": { "url": "", "html_url": "" } }, "updated_at": "2017-02-28T19:09:29Z", "content_reports_enabled": true }