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Настройка изображения профиля вашей команды

Ответственные за команду и владельцы организации могут задать изображение профиля для команды, которое будет отображаться на странице команды.

Unless you set a profile picture for a team, the team profile picture will match the organization's profile picture.

  1. In the upper-right corner of GitHub Enterprise Server, select your profile photo, then click Your organizations.

    Screenshot of the dropdown menu under @octocat's profile picture. "Your organizations" is outlined in dark orange.

  2. Click the name of your organization.

  3. Under your organization name, click Teams.

    Screenshot of the horizontal navigation bar for an organization. A tab, labeled with the people icon and "Teams," is outlined in dark orange.

  4. Click the name of the team.

  5. At the top of the team page, click Settings.

    Screenshot of the header of a team's page. A tab, labeled with a gear icon and "Settings", is outlined in dark orange.

  6. Under "Profile picture", click Upload new picture, then select your desired profile picture.

  7. Click and drag to crop the image as needed, then click Set new team avatar.