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Removing a collaborator from a personal repository

When you remove a collaborator from your project, they lose read/write access to your repository. If the repository is private and the person has created a fork, then that fork is also deleted.

Deleting forks of private repositories

While forks of private repositories are deleted when a collaborator is removed, the person will still retain any local clones of your repository.

Removing collaborator permissions from a person contributing to a repository

  1. No your GitHub Enterprise Server instance, navegue até a página principal do repositório.

  2. Abaixo do nome do repositório, clique em Configurações. Botão Configurações do repositório

  3. Na seção "Acesso" da barra lateral, clique em Colaboradores e equipes.

  4. To the right of the collaborator you want to remove, click . Button to remove collaborator

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