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Instalar a extensão do GitHub Copilot na CLI

Saiba como instalar a Copilot in the CLI para obter sugestões e explicações para a linha de comando.


If you have access to GitHub Copilot via your organization or enterprise, you cannot use Copilot in the CLI if your organization owner or enterprise administrator has disabled Copilot in the CLI. See "Managing policies for Copilot in your organization."

Installing Copilot in the CLI

  1. If you have not already authenticated to the GitHub CLI, run the following command in your terminal.

    gh auth login
  2. To install the Copilot in the CLI extension, run the following command.

    gh extension install github/gh-copilot

Updating Copilot in the CLI

After installing the Copilot in the CLI extension, you can update at any time by running:

gh extension upgrade gh-copilot

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