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Sobre as extensões do GitHub Copilot

As GitHub Copilot Extensions são integrações para ferramentas externas no GitHub Copilot Chat.

Quem pode usar esse recurso?

Para usar Copilot Extensions, você deve estar inscrito no beta público limitado.

Todos os usuários registrados com uma assinatura do GitHub Copilot Individual podem usar Copilot Extensions.

Para organizações ou empresas com uma assinatura do Copilot Business ou do Copilot Enterprise, proprietários de organização e administradores de empresa podem conceder acesso a Copilot Extensions.


GitHub Copilot Extensions are in limited public beta and subject to change.

About GitHub Copilot Extensions

GitHub Copilot Extensions are a type of GitHub App that integrates the power of external tools into GitHub Copilot Chat. Copilot Extensions are developed by Copilot Partners, a group of external tools selected by GitHub for their utility when integrated into Copilot Chat. To become a Copilot Partner, you can apply to the Copilot Partner Program.


GitHub Copilot Extensions are not the same as the GitHub Copilot extension, which you install in an external application to access Copilot within that application. For more information on the GitHub Copilot extension, see "Using GitHub Copilot code suggestions in your editor."

After you install a Copilot Extension from GitHub Marketplace, you can interact with that extension in a Copilot Chat conversation, asking questions and authorizing actions that combine the capabilities of the external tool and GitHub. For example, if you install the Sentry extension for GitHub Copilot, you can use the extension to get information about Sentry issues, then create and assign related tracking issues on GitHub.

Copilot Extensions provide several benefits, including:

  • Interaction with external tools using natural language
  • Reduced context switching
  • Customization of your Copilot Chat experience for your developer flow

Copilot Extensions are included in all Copilot subscriptions, and can be used with:

  • Copilot Chat in Visual Studio
  • Copilot Chat in Visual Studio Code
  • Copilot Chat in (with a Copilot Enterprise subscription)

Next steps

If you have a Copilot Individual subscription, to get started with Copilot Extensions, see "Installing GitHub Copilot Extensions for your personal account."

If you are an organization owner or enterprise administrator with a Copilot Business or Copilot Enterprise subscription, you should set a policy for Copilot Extension usage in your enterprise or organization. See "Managing GitHub Copilot Extensions."

If you are a developer with Copilot access through a Copilot Business or Copilot Enterprise subscription, to get started with Copilot Extensions, see "Using GitHub Copilot Extensions."