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About GitHub Education for students

GitHub Education offers students real-world experience with free access to various developer tools from GitHub's partners.

Using GitHub for your school projects is a practical way to collaborate with others and build a portfolio that showcases real-world experience.

Everyone with a GitHub account can collaborate in unlimited public and private repositories with GitHub Free. As a student, you can also apply for GitHub Education student benefits. Your GitHub Education student benefits and resources are all included in GitHub Education, a portal that allows you to access your education benefits, all in one place. For more information, see "Apply to GitHub Education as a student" and GitHub Education.

Before applying for GitHub Education, check if your learning community is already partnered with us as a GitHub Campus Program school. For more information, see "Sobre o Programa do GitHub Campus."

If you're a member of a school club, a teacher can apply for GitHub Education so your team can collaborate using GitHub Team, which allows unlimited users and private repositories, for free. For more information, see "Apply to GitHub Education as a teacher."

Once you are a verified GitHub Education student, you can access GitHub Education anytime by going to the GitHub Education website.

GitHub Education features for students

GitHub Education is a portal from which you can access your GitHub Education benefits and resources, all in one place. On the GitHub Education portal, students can:

  • Connect with a local Campus Expert. For more information on campus experts, see "Sobre o GitHub Campus Experts."
  • Gain in-depth understanding of a feature, tool, or topic with curated experiences designed to support your learning journey.
  • Explore and claim offers for free industry tools from the Student Developer Pack.
  • See upcoming in-person and virtual events for students, curated by GitHub Education and student leaders.
  • View assignments from GitHub Classroom with upcoming due dates.
  • Stay in the know on what the community is interested in by rewatching recent Campus TV episodes. Campus TV is created by GitHub and student community leaders and can be watched live or on demand.
  • Discover student-created repositories from GitHub Community Exchange. For more information, see "About GitHub Community Exchange."

GitHub Education students also receive the following GitHub benefits.

  • GitHub Copilot: Verified students receive a free subscription for GitHub Copilot. You will be automatically notified about the free subscription when you visit the GitHub Copilot subscription page in your account settings. For more information about subscribing to and using GitHub Copilot, see "Como gerenciar sua assinatura do GitHub Copilot individual" and "Sobre o GitHub Copilot Individual."
  • GitHub Codespaces: Os alunos verificados têm direito, para as próprias contas pessoais, ao uso gratuito dos GitHub Codespaces, até 180 horas de núcleo por mês. A quantidade mensal de armazenamento e horas de núcleo de uso disponíveis para os alunos é equivalente ao valor incluído nas contas do GitHub Pro. Para obter mais informações, confira "Sobre o faturamento do GitHub Codespaces". For more information on getting started with GitHub Codespaces, see "Visão geral do GitHub Codespaces."

Note: Se os alunos usarem GitHub Codespaces nos repositórios de atribuição do GitHub Classroom, o uso será cobrado da organização proprietária da sala de aula e não afetará o uso da conta pessoal do aluno. For more information, see "Usando o GitHub Codespaces com o GitHub Classroom."

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