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Viewing job execution time

You can view the execution time of a job, including the billable minutes that a job accrued.

Billable job execution minutes are only shown for jobs run on private repositories that use GitHub-hosted runners and are rounded up to the next minute. There are no billable minutes when using GitHub Actions in public repositories or for jobs run on self-hosted runners.

  1. On, navigate to the main page of the repository.

  2. Abaixo do nome do repositório, clique em Actions. Guia Actions no menu de navegação do repositório principal

  3. Na barra lateral esquerda, clique no fluxo de trabalho que deseja ver. Lista de fluxo de trabalho na barra lateral esquerda

  4. Na lista de execuções de fluxo de trabalho, clique no nome da execução para ver o resumo da execução do fluxo de trabalho.

    Nome da execução do fluxo de trabalho

  5. Under the job summary, you can view the job's execution time. To view details about the billable job execution time, in the left sidebar under "Run details", click Usage.

    Run and billable time details link

    Note: The billable time shown does not include any minute multipliers. To view your total GitHub Actions usage, including minute multipliers, see "Viewing your GitHub Actions usage."